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Well, the name shopfinder is pretty self explaining. Established in 1999 the site is intended to provide all the services that spring to mind when you think of an online shop finder.

The mission is to provide a premier resource for you, the online shopper. A site that enables you to quickly find what you are looking for, or maybe guide you on your way if you don't know exactly what you are after. Actually the less time you spend on these pages to find a particular shop or product the better. We want to get you to find exactly the product you want in the shortest possible time! However if you want to go "online window shopping" please feel free to spend as many hours you like exploring the online high streets provided by ShopFinder!

We are including all main sites in our directory (i.e. all first level domains -, etc.) that fulfil two main criteria: They are shipping their goods from within the United States or Canada - (no extra duties to be paid), and they provide an online secure connection for order and payment.

Enjoy your shopfinding!

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